Historic First Win for Wolves Girls Football

BWYA athletics recorded an historic first on Monday, March 11. In the first ever outing of a girls football squad representing our school, the Wolves Girls U19 Football team defeated the St Paul Bears 4-0 on their home pitch. The goals came from Sepia Katsoolis (E7C) and Vivian Ukaegbu (E10L), but the victory came from the entire team’s determination to win back the ball as soon as SPAS gained possession.

Wolves 2nd at BASSA Basketball Tournament

On Saturday, January 19th the BWYA Girls U19 Basketball team traveled to St. Paul American School for the BASSA playoffs. The girls first took on Hope International School in a battle to decide who went to the championship. In a tight match, the Wolves locked in a victory in the final minutes to advance to the Finals where they met a hungry St. Paul Bear squad.

Wolves U14 Football are BASSA Champs

The Wolves U14 boys football squad finished the season undefeated, and capped their campaign with a BASSA championship trophy on November 3rd at Tsinghua International School. From the beginning of the year, the team clicked well together and made good use of their training time twice a week. Their efforts were rewarded with a clean sheet and a wide goal differential at the end of the season.