BWYA Hosts ISAC Basketball Exchange

On Saturday, March 22, the BWYA Wolves hosted nearly 100 U14 basketball players from eight other schools at Chaoyang Sports Center. Students came from six Beijing international schools and two Tianjin international schools to play a total of 12 games. The event, hosted by BWYA as part of our trial membership in the International Schools Athletic Conference, ran very smoothly and was a great success.

The Talented Mr. Moore

Colm Moore, Biology Teacher at Beijing World Youth Academy, recently published his fourth book on birds. Portugal, the Azores and Madeira Archipelagos is described as “the first and only birdwatching guide to cover all of Portugal’s territory. It is a fundamental reference for anyone, birder, birdwatcher or beginner planning to visit the country with an interest in its birds.” More information can be found on

Peder Vinge

Successful Launch of IN Electronics Club

We are all familiar with the rise in personal electronics: smartphones, laptops and tablets. Teachers in BWYA’s IN programme recognized that, and want students to improve their practical skills and gain an appreciation of the technology that allows them to go about their day-to-day business. To fulfill this goal, the Electronics Club was launched this year as an option for students during the in-school club periods on Wednesday.

BWYA Students Exhibit at Korean Cultural Center

Seven BWYA students had the opportunity to exhibit their works as part of the 3rd International Youth Art Exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center. The beautifully presented exhibition opened on April 13th and was organized by LineArt Studio, a Korean organization with student-members from many of Beijing’s international schools.

Romeo & Juliet: Costumes Preview

The three performances of Romeo & Juliet are just around the corner, and cast and crew have been preparing the final details. Recently, actors and musicians spent an extended homeroom period trying on their costumes, making sure they fit properly and nothing was missing.

E8 Students Create Claymation Stories

How can a meaningful story be told using stop-motion animation? Following this guiding question, E8 Technology students investigated animation and engaged in the creation of claymation stories, attempting to deliver a message to their audience in an entertaining fashion. Along the way, students learned key animation concepts and techniques, and were called to stretch their imaginations in creating interesting plots.