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BWYA’s Classrooms Without Walls scheme recognises that some of the best learning takes place when we get away from our campus and out into the world. Last week our MYP students did just that with a series of trips around Beijing.

Our Grade 6 students enjoyed some late autumn sunshine with a trip to World Park. And as well as getting to feed a particularly hungry elephant, as well as seeing some of the world’s most famous landmarks all in one place (all be it slightly smaller than real life!), BWYA students had to used their knowledge of maps, gained from Individuals & Societies lessons, to produce a list of famous landmarks and where to they can be found. Their second activity saw them take on the role of tour guide and produce a guided tour of a famous landmark or site.

BWYA’s Grade 7 and 8 students headed over to the wide-open spaces of Chaoyang Park to take part in a fun day of team building games and exercises host by Terratribes.

You can see some of the highlights of what our students got up to in the picture gallery below.