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BWYA has been working hard recently to secure globally recognised accreditation from leading institutions both within China and beyond. Shannon Koga, BWYA’s Director of Instructional Practices, gives us an update on the processes with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of China And Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS).

Anything worth doing is worth doing well and that seal of approval was received from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for BWYA.

In May we were visited by a team of two WASC leaders; Mr. Gary Davis and Ms. Sarah Donovan, who visited with teachers, students, parents, and leaders of our school to learn about how we “do learning” here at BWYA.

They then took their findings to the WASC Convention on June 30th where we received the status of Candidate for Accreditation. This is a three-year candidacy where we as a community need to address three areas:

  1. Build and disaggregate student achievement data, measuring and reporting students’ academic achievement across three years, across all campuses, identifying achievement gaps, successes, and needed action.
  2. Review and refine the delivery model of ESL support services, creating a common support system across the school
  3. Develop and implement a master plan of professional development, including annual school-wide areas of focus and professional development, of both individual and group based needs and desires.

It is a great step in the development of BWYA to have achieved this and we look forward to putting these steps in place and seeing the growth of our learners.

On 19th September, BWYA was visited by two ACAMIS board members as part of their accreditation process. ACAMIS focuses on professional development, athletics, arts events to support student success at international schools, and membership provides opportunities for all BWYA staff to take part student centered personal development programmes and workshops. This week also saw Dr Tom Ulmet, Executive Director of ACAMIS visit BWYA to meet with Headmistress, Wang Hong, Deputy Principal, Emma Emerich, and myself. We are looking forward to receiving confirmation of our membership to ACAMIS at the end of October, and again, this is testament to the hard work and commitment of the entire BYWA community.

Thanks go to everyone who works hard everyday, students, parents, and teachers alike. Your contribution to our school is essential for its success. Thank you for doing it well!

Dr Tom Ulmet of ACAMIS visits BWYA

Dr Tom Ulmet of ACAMIS visits BWYA