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BWYA’s Upper Primary School kicked off its first ever club season with its very own Club Fair on Friday, 2nd September.

Students had 12 clubs to choose from, with activities scheduled to take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. There are also three competitive sports teams to take part in (U11 boys football, U9 boys football, and all-ages girls football), all with their own schedule.



The clubs on offer to BWYA’s young learners ranged from arts, dancing and music, to maths, science and reading, with the Cheerleading Club, STEM Science Club and Math Olympiads proving to be particularly popular.

MS Phoebe Gluyas, Co-Curricular Coordinator, for BWYA’s Primary School said that all the clubs had filled up completely by Monday and that 80 per cent of Upper Primary students had signed up for at least one club.

She added, “Thank you to all the teachers who are giving up their time so that we can provide a fantastic programme of after school activities to our young learners. All clubs will now have a two-week trial period and we are still happy to hear from parents who would like to volunteer and host a club.

“For any student who didn’t get to take part in every club they selected, there is still time after the two-week trial period for changes to happen and again in January when our second clubs season starts.”