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On Tuesday the 5th of April, BWYA Primary School held its first Student Exhibitions, writes Ms. Phoebe Storm.

The exhibitions are our way of empowering learners by making them accountable and responsible for their own learning. They are our interpretation of the increasingly popular Student-Led Conferences, which are replacing the more traditional Student, Parent & Teacher Conferences.


You can find a lot of information online about student-led conferences and the many benefits they provide for parents and learners. One thing we really wanted to instill in our learners is that all of their work has value. Even the projects or assignments they did not consider a success were put in their portfolios as something to learn from. They were able to look back at their work from the beginning of the year and appreciate how much they have grown since then.


Language Arts, Unit of Inquiry, and Maths teachers set up classrooms into 4 or 5 stations. Each station consisted of an activity which students would complete and explain to their parents. Some of the activities included composing a poem, reading aloud then summarising the story, solving maths problems, and placing events on a timeline. Learners would rotate around the room, giving parents a small glimpse into the way we utilise the IPC curriculum at BWYA Primary. After finishing the stations, learners visited the Chinese teachers office and then sat with their parents to talk about their portfolio full of work. The day was such a success and we were proud to see all of our learners taking such strong ownership over their learning.


These exhibitions are a part of our efforts to provide parents with more time in the classrooms with their children and more opportunities to be involved in the school community, and participating in learning activities. We are also conducting open classes where parents are welcome to observe real teaching periods of various subjects. In addiction, we hosted our first Parent Teacher Association (PTA) event at the IPC campus a couple of weeks ago. The parents took charge in planning and executing an incredible International Day Fair. We love having more chances to involve our amazing families in our school life.