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Grade 6 students took over the bowling lanes of the Gallery Hotel on Saturday, 14th November, taking part in the fourth annual BWYA Bowl-A-Thon and raising 3,200RMB for charity.

The event was organised by Head of Year 6, Ms. Loredana Giovanelli, who said that it was thanks to the parent volunteers that the event was such a success. She added: “For our grade 6 students this was their first Bowl-A-Thon and thankfully we also had plenty Bowl2of mums and dads helping to keep score and keep track of everything that was going on, as well as showing their support for the event and for our school. We all had a great time while raising a good amount of money for charity. Thanks to every one who made a donation and supported us and a special thanks to Mr. Pacitti who helped make sure everything went smoothly on the day.”

The money raised by the BWYA bowlers will be used to buy Raspberry Pi computers for a Beijing migrant school. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized single-board computer which was developed in the UK to help promote the teaching of computer science and programming in schools and developing countries.