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While the rest of Beijing was focusing on what some of the world’s best tennis players could serve up, in Wangjing and Laiguangying, the eyes of every sports fan was on BWYA as this year’s Sports Day took place.

The annual event is a celebration of BWYA sports and gives every student the opportunity to take part in games and races suited to all abilities. The school splits into 4 teams for the day, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and this year the Water team took home the trophy for the 3rd year running.

BWYA Athletics Director and head of PE, Mirko Mirkovich, thanked the army of school and parent volunteers who helped make Sports Day 2015 possible. He added: “It’s great to see the entire BWYA community coming together to celebrate sports and athletics. It takes a lot of hard work from everyone to make it possible but to see all the smiles and everyone having so much fun makes it all worth it.”

IPC holds its first ever Sports Day

By Coach Mika Dronyk.

At our Laiguangying Campus we had our first ever Primary School Sports Day. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to enjoy age appropriate, fun and challenging activities. Each homeroom rotated through the 9 station cycle. The stations consisted of an obstacle course, potato sack races, a hurdles relay, an egg and spoon race, basketball dribbling, hula hoop Frisbee throw, Caterpillar Clean Up, bowling and a calming station. Our learners had a fantastic time!

The turn out of parents was also great to see. The parents were very enthusiastic and helpful throughout. After the 9 station rotation, I invited everyone outside for a parent involved race. The parents were invited to volunteer with their child for a three-legged race. It was a great event and there were beaming smiles everywhere!

Finally, it was time for the trophy presentation. Each house colour won a trophy and was able to take a winning photo with it. Each trophy had a ribbon of the winning colour on it and will continue to have ribbons added to them as the years pass by. In the end the Blue Team were the winners of our first Primary School Sports Day.  Well done to everyone!

I have the students, parents and teachers to thank for chipping in helping me to make the day a great success!