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Over the last few years BWYA’s Primary School has grown from a small number of classes to having its own state-of-the-art campus and Kindergarten. Here the Primary School’s Ms. Phoebe Storm tells the story of our recent success and shares her feelings at the start of the new school year.

“If you take care of the small things,
the big things take care of themselves.”

~ Emily Dickinson

BWYA first decided to open grades 4 and 5 only four years ago. It was a small step, but it was done carefully and thoughtfully. Utilizing the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is used in more than 1800 schools across 90 different countries, units of inquiry were carefully selected. Careful consideration was taken with each tiny step: Learners were accepted for their excellence; multi-talented teachers were chosen for their ability to be innovative. Our tiny group of only around 20 learners took up a few classrooms on the top floor of the Lido Campus. We were small, but it was the start of something great.

BWYA's first ever IPC class in 2011

BWYA’s first ever IPC class in 2011

It wasn’t until the school year starting in 2013 that we felt ready to open our doors to Grade 3 learners, taking our group up to 30. This was the next step on our path to success. In August of 2014, things started to change; we knew it was time to welcome younger learners into our family. New teachers were brought in from all over the world and Grade 1 and 2 classes were opened, filling the halls with tiny footsteps and exciting new challenges. We had outgrown the space we occupied at Lido campus. It was time to pack up and move on. By December of 2014, the new campus at Laiguangying was ready for us and we were more than ready to jump in. By the time school wrapped up for the summer in June of 2015, we were bigger, but still just a close family of 103 learners.

This brings us to today, a beautiful, clear August afternoon. The Libris Café is packed full to the brim with a diverse group of 169 learners enjoying their lunch and chatting happily. The group starts with little ones of only 5-years-old in our brand new K-Class. We have two big classes of Grade 1 learners, two more of Grade 2. We have a Grade 3 class as well as Grade 4 and two more groups at the top of our bunch, the Grade 5 leaders. We now have 30 staff members from 10 different countries and many new and exciting programs. We are ready to take Beijing by storm as we enter the world of Beijing’s elite international primary schools. We are ready to dominate in regional sporting competitions, make our presence known with quality musical and drama productions, and reach for the sky with academic achievements.

BWYA's IPC staff and students today

BWYA’s IPC staff and students today

BWYA took care of small things, built us up and gave IPC the love and support it needed. As a result, the big things are here and they are indeed amazing!