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Last Thursday was American Thanksgiving. At BWYA, the primary school kids learned the history of this delicious holiday and talked about traditional foods, the importance of family, being thankful for the things we have as well as remembering the past. To celebrate, we had an amazing catered lunch with a real roasted turkey, mashed potato, broccoli, yams, stuffing, gravy and even apple and pumpkin pies!

Quanzi 5Being a part of an international community means understanding the culture of our adoptive home as well as the cultures of the friends around us. This Thanksgiving event was a part of our monthly cultural awareness workshop program.

Quanzi 2We explored the the history of the United States of America back in the 1600s when Europeans first discovered the country and came into contact with the Native Americans. We learned about the attempted friendship between the pilgrims and the Native Americans and also how the relationship soured, when battles broke out between the groups and the sad times that followed when the fighting continued and many thousands of people were killed on both sides of these battles.

Quanzi 3We also looked at other harvest festivals around the world including Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Pongal in Sri Lanka, Chuseok in Korea, Dozhinki in Russia and Mehregan in Iran.

The grade 3 and 4 students are practicing their letter writing skills and took this opportunity to write letters to the people they feel most thankful for.
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