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Here at the Lido campus of BWYA, the primary students have had an incredible start to the new school year. The first day of school began with a perfectly blue sky, which we all took as a sign of a great year ahead. New faces were met with warm greetings from our returning students and the whole school gathered on the playground for games and activities, which helped everyone get to know each other.

Nallely-2-This year our IPC program has expanded, and we have opened our doors to grade three students for the first time. We would like to welcome Janice, Casey, Juby and Tommy. These four students are in Ms. Nallely’s E3/E4 homeroom class along with the new grade four students; Beta, Patrik, Amanda and Vicky. Ms. Nallely will be teaching mathematics as well as our exciting Unit of Inquiry classes, which combine science with humanities.

Vida-5-In Ms. Vida’s E5 homeroom class, four new students joined the group of returnees: Tim, Richard, Sonny and Annie. Our new students made fast friends with Hedy, Audrey, Ella, Jason and Elaine, who quickly started showing their classmates around the school and helping them understand the BWYA routines. Ms. Vida will be teaching UoI as well as English this year.

roya-4-Ms. Roya has been busy getting ready for another year of exciting art projects. In her E5 Homeroom, Ms. Roya has four new students: Angeline, Allen, Rose and Timofey joining the familiar faces of Elizabeth, Sharon, Antonio and Emily. Everyone is getting along fabulously and the school is abuzz with anticipation of fun times to come.

John-and-Tona-As well as our wonderful homeroom teachers, we have Mr. John, back for another year of English support and Technology in Design. Mr. John will be around the school, working on great computer projects and assisting students who need extra help or more challenging assignments in their English classes. Mr. Kelly is teaching P.E. to all grades this year, and Mr. Midolo will be teaching Music. Ms. Ke, Ms. Huang and Ms. Li are teaching Chinese language classes and our favorite all-rounder, Ms. Tona, is taking care of our library and student affairs as a part of her role as Program Assistant. The captain of the IPC ship is again Mr. Peder Vinge, our fearless leader who will be busy making continuous improvements to our growing campus and guiding all staff in daily operations.

Finally, I would love to introduce myself, my name is Ms. Phoebe and I am from Australia; I am new at BWYA, but I have been in Beijing for long time. I will be working with Mr. John, performing English support for selected students and will be communicating with our BWYA parents via the Quanzi blog and through a newsletter every two weeks for the students and parents of the IPC program. I can be found working closely with Ms. Nallely in her homeroom A403. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the BWYA community and am so excited to be a part of this friendly and diverse team!

Wishing you all the best of luck in the new school year!