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How can a meaningful story be told using stop-motion animation? Following this guiding question, E8 Technology students investigated animation and engaged in the creation of claymation stories, attempting to deliver a message to their audience in an entertaining fashion. Along the way, students learned key animation concepts and techniques, and were called to stretch their imaginations in creating interesting plots.

To gather the raw material for their animations, students worked in groups to create a storyline, set, props and characters. Once they had all of the components for the story ready, they needed to take photos… Lots of photos. For a two minute clip, between 1200 and 1400 photos are required, each one being snapped after a tiny alteration has been made on the set. Combined in quick succession, each photo becomes a frame in the animation, the illusion of movement is created, and a story is born.

With the animation sequence complete, each student used iMovie to edit their individual creations for greater impact and to put their own spin on the story, adding music and sound effects along the way.

The Claymation task yielded some impressive pieces from this group of young designers. Using common materials such as cardboard, paint and plasticine, and simple technology tools, they managed to produce some well-crafted stories. Take a look at Leo’s final product (above) for an action-packed animation complete with a frantic car chase and comic tongue-in-cheek ending.

For more E8 Claymation videos, vist media@BWYA.